What to wear today ? Outfit idea …02

If you have been part of this blog since the beginning , or went through my previous post , like last year ( subtle hint)  , I don’t want to explain too much so you just check here !   I’m sure you will get the point.

Basically I was trying to tell you what to wear , but then I realized I’m broke and most of the clothes that I want you to wear aren’t in my closet, which would make me a hypocrite  BUT because dreaming is free and  so is my advice, I would rather be a broke hypocrite with stylish subscribers.  I want to make this a permanent segment on the blog so, really want need your  feedback.   So on to the post.


The outfit

I don’t know where you are , but where I am is summer right now, and just the thought of writing about winter clothes make me hot , so today’s outfit is for those looking for summer clothes.

You know what’s my new favorite casual not so casual , fancy not so fancy shorts are ?  Paper-bag shorts and no they aren’t made of paper-bags.  I actually have these so super cool.

so here we have a Taupe blazer and paper bag shorts set , with a white crop top,  and perplex block heeled sandals, which can be replaced by the fluffy furry heeled sandals/ any nude heeled sandal .you can choose any other type of shirt but not too lose.

If you feel like ditching the blazer you can always wear it with a shirt or a short sleeve buttoned shirt .  There are different types of paper-bag shorts, for those who are more into a l=more simple look  this might work for you:

A white t-shirt or a short sleeve buttoned shirt, denim paper bag shorts and white sneakers and you are ready to go.

Hope you liked the ideas as much as I liked writing them for you , see you next time.

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