I have recently started puzzled which is a new segment here , for those who have been reading ,your views and likes are appreciated,  I am glad I am able to  distract you from your daily stresses.  For you who is new here you can get to know more about it here, and if you like it you can check the previous puzzles/ questions here and here.  Thank you!

Last time the theme was about Africa , and who in the world talks about Africa and doesn’t talk about African animals , like seriously , literally  I remember I was once asked we had lions at home once…she still thinks I do .

African animals

african animals.jpg

Hard to explain this one, I will just stick with animals from Africa or found in Africa

Puzzle/ question/charade of the day

Theme:  African animals

Clue:  This animal is named for his honored nose.

The answer to this charade has 10 letters…

The right answer will be uploaded tomorrow ,don’t forget to follow us for more puzzles .





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