A time traveler’s tale


An alleged  time traveler stated that on September 11th 2018, a man by the name Jaynou Oliver Beck will be born. It’s said that he will be elected 56th president of the United States, on November 3rd,2082.  There is now evidence that a boy was born September 11th, 2018 by the name of Jaynou Oliver Beck.

The time traveler who is anonymous claimed that baby Jaynou will be US 56th president ,according to his claims he is from the year 4932, president Jaynou will serve for only two years yet he will become the most influential man on earth .

Despite his short term, Jaynou will become one of the most rational influential man on earth , by becoming a famous philosopher of his time , according to the time traveler ,Jaynou will be able to prove God’s existence to the masses through a single philosophical idea .

What do you think about this conspiracy , do you believe in it or you think it’s just a bluff?

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