Lessons I’ve learned at 20

The capacity to learn is a gift;

The ability to learn is a skill ;

The willingness to learn is a choice ;

  Brian Herbert

If I am going to be honest with you growing up isn’t everything I thought it would be , do you remember how it feels to get into a really cold shower in a slightly cold weather? you slide your hand in, then a feet , then  you wash your face and then suddenly all your body is  under the cold water and that cold feeling suddenly is not so cold, you get used to it , and at times you enjoy it , once you close the shower the cold hits your skin again you are anxiously looking for a towel and suddenly the process of getting dress something so easy suddenly turns so difficult until you put your warm clothes on …and the process repeats over and over again unless you stop showering.   See this is the best definition of life I could think of .

As I get older I learn more  and  honestly I know nothing ! Life is so easy and at the same time so difficult . I find the process of growing up ,learning who you are ,finding out that the  person you thought you were isn’t really  you, breathing ,loving , conquering challenges, failing ,failing , failing , failing… is all part of the beautiful  process that is life so here are a few things that I learned by the time I was 20.

I don’t know anything

We don’t know a millionth of one percent of anything ;

-Thomas A. Edilson

This is a tricky one , and it is divided in so many levels . I don’t know as much as I want to know, I don’t know what I want to know , and at times I wonder if I know what I Know.

Failing is an option

Failure is an option , if things are not failing , you are not innovating enough.

This one hits close to my heart, I truly wish that people and I included understood early that failing is an option given the chance that you have done your best .  I used to give up so easily and at times I wouldn’t even try , because i was scared of failing ,I was afraid of not being perfect .

Done is better than perfect

Done is better than waiting for things to be perfect

I am a freaking scared person… I am scared of everything especially failing or receiving a negative answer, so I would procrastinate or I wouldn’t do what I have in mind just because I was or am at times scared the outcome wont be  favorable to me .  the chase for perfection held me from starting things or doing things, things are just not as bad as we think they are in our heads.

There is no right or best option

Go for it , the future is promised to no one 

When it comes to life there is no such thing as best or right option as long as you are using your heart fully .  Think about it we have lions , we have zebras , we have fish, we have so many different species in so many different ecosystems , a zebra can not do the job of a lion nor does it make her less important .  So many people will give you so much advice on what you should do with your life , Just because John is a successful lion doesn’t mean you have to get out of the sea and try to roar like John. John was made to roar you are made to swim and you know it don’t let the elephant tell you what to do with your life.

It’s all temporary

Change happens nothing is temporary babes!

Nothing is forever! Your sadness , your happiness nothing is forever . It doesn’t matter if you are in cloud 9 or at the bottom wherever you are  it’s all temporary , so stop taking it so seriously. I wouldn’t say don’t cry or don’t be sad because that’s  close to impossible not to do, but try to make sure you are sad for right reasons or you are crying for the right reasons, I don’t even know if it makes sense but make your tears worth.  And try to put happiness first always, fuel your happiness .

It’s OK to say NO!

Give yourself permission to say t feeling guilty, mean or selfish … be at peace with your decisions 

If you are not feeling it don’t do it.  I wrote a very descriptive article on this.


Happiness can only exist in acceptance;

This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve learned ! One should accept themselves and others for what they are.  Accept that not everyone is going to agree with you,or like you, or have good things to say about you, or support and that’s fine as long as you accept and love yourself , the rest is just a bonus!

Ask why?

millions saw the apple fall, Newton was the only one to ask why?

Curiosity can also be learned.  We live in this world where everything is said and done by others and we just following paths made by other humans , we have the same amount of limbs , the same capacity and we all have blood running through our veins… Don’t hesitate to ASK WHY ? Question everything.. Try to learn more about the world, the people around you, the things around you and the things that interest you.

Be True to your own values

No one can wear a mask forever 

Be truth to your values and stop trying to project them onto others.  It’s OK to have an opinion but don’t force feed it to me. Expectations!  STOP assuming that everyone will be able to meet your expectations, first of all you shouldn’t be expecting in the fist place.

Success is not equal to money

It takes courage to grow up and turn to be who you really are 

Small achievements everyday day are my definition of success .   Doing what you are passionate about is success , if you are passionate about something you will do it well enough to get all the benefits that it has to offer …Trust me !

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6 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve learned at 20

      1. Hmmm… to never stop learning. That’s important.

        Maybe… to imagine your best self, best life, and to fight towards making it a reality.

        Or maybe… to speak your truth, no matter what. People respect those who are honest and direct, even if some words may hurt them initially.


      2. I swear I am not even trying to relate or anything but as I was writing today’s speech a lot of ” Living the life I want to live” type of thoughts came into mind, I just realised how mediocre I can make my life for things that I don’t really care nor they care about me . And something happened yesterday that made me think that I don’t always say how I feel nor am I honest with myself and others as I keep putting myself in situations that could be avoided .

        Maybe your words are a sign or confirmation that something needs to change ! ?

        Liked by 1 person

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