Signs and symptoms of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a type of malignant tumor  occurs when cellof the cervix arinfected with one or more high-risk HPV types which cause them to become abnormal and slowly develop into a cancer.  This is one of deadliest cancers but if caught early it has a high success rate of  treatment.  HPV is sexually transmitted and has 100 types .  If your immune system is strong a HPV  may disappear by itself ,but if this is not your case it can grow into abnormal  malignant cells.

Although Cervical cancer does not have obvious symptoms such as breast cancer in the initial stages or even pre cancer it can still be detected, sooner if you recognize its symptoms and signs the body gives, in case you have any sign visit a gynecologist immediately :

Vaginal discharge

A persistent yellowish or pink discharge with a strong odor is abnormal and this is a common symptom in this case, because once the cancer starts to grow in the cervix the cells lining the uterus start to eliminate a watery  yellowish or pink discharge .

Genital warts

These  are internal or external injuries  in the genital area caused by some type of HPV, which increases the chances of cervical cancer.

Pain or bleeding

Pelvic pain and or bleeding apart from your menstrual period are  also typical signs of cervical cancer , what usually happens is this cancer usually grows  in the walls of the cervix  which will then dry and proceed to cause discomfort while walking or during intercourse.  There is also a huge chance of rectal and bladder bleeding.


If your eating habits have not changed and you are constantly feeling tired , your heart beat speeds by just holding  a pen that’s a sign of anemia , the abnormal bleeding is the first reason for it.

Constant pain

Just like an inflated cervix squeezes the internal organs, it can also squeeze your blood vessels making the irrigation in the legs and pelvis difficult, causing pain and swell  on your legs and ankles.

Urinary problems

With the swelling of the cervix , pills may get stuck in the  bladder and kidney making the passage of urine difficult and the total deflating of the bladder resulting in pain and or even a urinary track infection.

Weight loss

All types of cancer tend to cause a loss or suppress appetite and the swell already mentioned in the cervix can squeeze  the stomach , reducing the space for an adequate intake of food, therefore the loss in weight.

PS: It’s important to know that these symptoms can also be signs of other conditions, therefore it’s very important to consult a doctor.

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