Valentine’s day gift Ideas for him

Valentine’s day is around the corner, as someone who had spent a lot of time over the years thinking of what I would like to get and what I would give the right person… If you are someone who is very excited about valentine’s day but is absolutely stumped on what to get for your loved one , here is a few gift  ideas:

Liquor bouquet

OK Ladies I am sure we have all seen or got the chocolate roses bouquet, most of us love to get that ,but what about men? A liquor bouquet is what you sending him this year, personalize a basket a  gift set with some of his favorite booze ,favorite goodies and BAAM you got the perfect gift!


Five Senses

5 senses is a gift with 5 different objects that represent each of the five senses: sight ,taste,hearing,smell,touch .  The idea of this gift is to give the person a gift that she will use in each of the five senses.  You choose if you want to give it to him throughout the day one by one or all at the same time .  You could make tips or a treasure hunt for each of the gifts how fun!


The world needs more love at first  sight

Men are visual creatures no doubt , for this sense you will definitely have to be creative to make it as memorable as possible .  Here are a few ideas for this sense:

  • A beautiful lingerie ( you will wear it )
  • A photo collage of your pictures
  • A movie date night
  • A card
  • Go sightseeing
  • sports tickets
  • Take him snorkeling or scuba diving
  • Give him a big picture of you two or a place or special moment
  • there are so many ideas and I am sure it  can’t go wrong on this one
  • If he plays a guitar give him a personalized guitar case ( or a phone case/ any other instrument)
  • Dance for him


The only music I want to hear is the sound of your voice telling me That you love me

  • A mix tape of all his favorite songs
  • A playlist of songs that marked your relationship
  • If he plays a guitar give him a personalized guitar case
  • Air pods
  • Concert tickets
  • Earbuds or noise cancelling Headphones
  • Serenade him


I swear when our lips touch I can taste the next sixty years of my life 

  • His favorite candies or chocolate
  • wine
  • A nice personalized coffee mug
  • Cook dinner for him
  • Wine or beer tasting tour
  • Take to him to a food festival


Your touch makes me feel loved

  • Silk boxers
  • Teddy bear
  • Hand warmers
  • Shaving kit
  • Full body massage
  • A bathtub date
  • Massage oils (You will give him the massage)


You smell like love

  • Perfume, cologne
  • Aromatic candles
  • Flower bouquet
  • Scented beard oil
  • Himalayan Salt lamp


Personalized gifts are the cheapest and they show how much you love care and how thoughtful you are.  Here area few ideas for you ,remember the concept of a personalized gift is to be as unique and always make sure put a touch of you in it.

  • A wallet , put his initials on the wallet and inside  the wallet a beautiful message, so every time he opens his wallet he remembers you
  • Engraved rings
  • A pillowcase with your pictures
  • A puzzle with a special message
  • Secret message on wallet bottle opener
  • Race strips car mat
  • LED display clock


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