homemade remedies for teeth whitening

Due to certain foods, drinks, drugs and so many other reasons, our teeth end up darkening or getting yellow as time goes on .  there are some methods that are capable of making your teeth pearl white or at least clearer ,but if done in the wrong way may have negative consequences on your teeth and gum.  Teeth whitening is safer if done at a clinic, it is fast efficient and expensive  , so today I bring to you a recipe that is not only cheap it also does not present any known side effects .

Having a white bright smile is what everyone wants and need plus it is  a fundamental when it comes to look good , a lot of people spend huge amounts  of money on teeth whitening procedures but this procedures apart from being too expensive they also use a lot of chemicals but if you are like me and believe and trust natural home remedies I have two good recipes for you .

Recipe 1


  • 1 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp of turmeric
  • 1 drop of peppermint essential oil (optional)
  • Eucalyptus essential oil(optional)
  1. Mix all the ingredients
  2. Put the mixture on your toothbrush and brush it normally
  3. Let it act for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing with cold water
  4. Do this procedure once a week either in the morning or at night (don’t do it twice a day ) for better results.
  5. Apart from whitening your teeth it strengthens your teeth and gums .

PS: Use one of the two options peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil, the peppermint oil adds freshness to your breath.  And eucalyptus oil adds an amazing flavor.

Recipe 2


  • Pure cold pressed oil (extra virgin) , I would advice sunflower oil, gergelim oil, linseed oil or coconut oil
  1. Choose just one of these oils for the procedure
    1. you can find them in any shop that sells natural oils or products , you will find them in small dark bottles except for the coconut oil, mostly 150 ml to 200 ml,
    2. these are different and more expensive than cooking oil which are not pure.
  2. In the morning before eating anything , take tbsp of one of the recommended oils into your mouth
  3. Then Wash your mouth with the 1 tbsp of the recommended oil thoroughly for 55-10 min
  4. Slowly passing the oil through your teeth from one side to the other
  6. At first the oil is thick  at first it changes with time inside your mouth
  7. Spit it out when it becomes white like milk , if it is still yellow when you spit it out it means you didn’t rinse long enough.
  8. After spitting the liquid , it is necessary to rinse your mouth with water and clean your teeth well with a toothbrush.
  9. To speed the cleaning process and teeth whitening this method can be repeated thrice a day , before your meals and with an empty stomach.

If you think that 5-10 min of rinsing is a lot don’t worry start with your own time the most important thing here is to do it and do it well ,once you get used to it 5-10 min will be nothing. In the liquid that you just spat there will be pathogenic germs and other harmful substances , so clean your sink well.

In a week you can start seeing the results brighter and naturally white teeth .

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