Why to not expect when you are expecting ? The tale behind hypocrisy


HYPOCRITES who are they? Where do they live? what do they eat? what’s on their mind? What if I told you, there is a simple easy way to get the answer for these questions without moving or stop reading this, you just have to “ASK YOURSELF”!

You are a hypocrite ! let me tell you “how” .You expect too much! I am 95% certain that you think it just means that you have standards ,” and You are 100% wrong .

There is no doubt that standards and expectations are perceived to be interchangeable but that’s further away from the truth, these are two entirely different things .

Standards- are a set of guidelines or ideas of how you will conduct yourself.

Expectations – entertain certain ideas about how we would like situations to turn out, or how we would like other people to behave.

Hypocrisy – is an expression of agreement, which is not supported by real conviction or sincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that one does not really have.

The formula for hypocrisy :

Hypocrisy = unrealistic expectations + no standards.

Yes! I am saying exactly what you think I am saying You are a hypocrite with unrealistic expectations and no standards.

I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, I am in no way trying to bash you , I am a hypocrite myself. A not very proud hypocrite in rehabilitative state, I want you to take this as an opportunity to self analyse and become more aware of yourself . Read this and If you don’t relate to any of the things I am going to write here “I apologize , I am just a hypocrite looking for company”

Ever heard the phrase “do what I say not what I do?” this my friend is an example of hypocrisy at it’s best. We expect so much from others that we totally forget to build ourselves , we lack self expectation, self approval …Eg: this is planet Vinegar. In planet vinegar, everyone has the same characteristics, people are born with one eye shut except you John, you were born in that planet you have all the other characteristics of the people from the vinegar planet except to the fact that you can open both of your eyes. I am sure if you are the John I think you are, you will close one of your eyes just to fit in. Prove me wrong. If you can’t prove me wrong here is a tip: Upgrade your sense of self game, get an identity not everything that seems normal is for you or is even good , as long as you are not hurting anyone it’s OK to be different,” own it and live it!”

The many faces of a hypocrite


we expect others to be 100% honest , open about their intentions ,when we are not very honest ourselves. We distort facts, we deceive people and we constantly lie ,be it consciously or unconsciously and that’s a human thing to do (sadly) . Why do we lie? To begin let’s make it clear that there is no such thing as a good lie or a bad lie , “a lie is a lie ” we use terms like these to ease our guilt, simple, no arguments needed. We lie to secure advantages (often without consequences), we lie to inflate our image, we lie for self-aggrandizement, we even lie for fun.

  • Telling Lucy that you like her shoes when you really hate them.
  • Telling your boss that you are happy to work over the weekend when you are really feeling very resentful because you don’t want to upset the boss.
  • When you donate to charity but only to increase your importance or “power”

Open -minded

We want children to be kind but we teach them kindness by punishing them when they are not . Humans learn observing not by verbal commandments. we try to teach children with words but we never show them action, we demand that people are open minded and lovely often in a very close minded and unloving way. We tell people to go a certain path but we don’t know the directions to the path itself . We make more statements than we ask questions, we focus more on being understood than understanding others, we avoid seeing the other side of the coin . Are you in your religion or you have a belief system because you genuinely believe in what they teach or because you were born and raised to think that way? We often argue on people’s faith or choices without having explanations or real reasons to do so. we say every path is valid but the truth is many of us believe theirs is more “effective.” Eg: you are an x, all your life you were taught and raised to be an x, one day you meet Cesar who is a y. Cesar wants to tell you more about being a y but you don’t want to listen because you “know” that being an x is the right thing. But tell me John “why is everything that is not something you agree of is wrong?” That I can not answer for you but what I can tell you is : Expose yourself more to different things, different situations , GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.


we say people who judge others are horrible people but the truth is we are judging them for judging. We know that if people really knew our story they wouldn’t be so fast to judge and yet we run around judging others for things we don’t really know the entirely of. We often give dirty looks to people who don’t behave the way we think is considerate. “It’s okay to talk loudly in a bus when we are excited, but it’s annoying when someone else does” , it’s only nuisance when we do it.

Our expectations vs reality

We expect people people to agree with everything we say every time we speak , we expect people to change overnight, we get angry at people who aren’t unconditionally kind, we expect people to make the first move, we expect people to compel by the causes we feel most strongly about, we expect unconditional love from our closest people, we don’t want people to hurt us. We expect people to trust us.we expect people to be honest.

  • people can have their own thoughts and opinions, do what you can to convince that you have valid point but don’t assume they will or should always agree. “No! I am not going to become vegetarian because you said so.”
  • When was the last thing you did what you want others to do for you?
  • I wont change my passions because you find them inconvenient
  • I am not selfish because I’m not there for you unconditionally
  • You don’t want to be hurt but it’s okay to make unpleasant comments? What? Stop tripping
  • You want me to be honest but you avoid telling the truth

Stop expecting things from others that you are not willing to do for yourself. How am I supposed to tell you what to do when you don’t know what you want? Let go of negativity back up your own ideas so you can figure out what you want and why you want it. Build yourself, apply the truth on yourself instead of spreading it , be what you say!

Stop playing the victim you are as guilty as you are. Help yourself recognize the prejudice , forgive yourself for doing it wrong and teach yourself to resist the old way of thinking.

With all this being said I recommend you to: RAISE YOUR STANDARDS AND LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS.

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