how to reduce belly bloat


Did you ever feel that I am too full feeling in your belly? maybe because you ate too much maybe not ! maybe you are in your period, maybe you drank too much water , who knows? there  are a lot other reasons to feel bloated other than the ones I have mentioned which I will be happy to share in another article. Now tell me , do  you ever feel so full it almost looked as if you were pregnant ? Because  I have …

True story :  I once thought of  pranking my friend by telling her I was pregnant ,we haven’t seen each others in years ,she didn’t believe me at first because well I am me  but after sending her pictures of my tummy she actually bought it … at the time I felt both  excited and disappointed. Excited because I was finally able to get her attention  and disappointment because well there is nothing fun about looking pregnant when you are not. 

So if you want to look better in clothes and not being mistaken for carrying a child not to mention to get rid of the unpleasant feeling of feeling bloated here are some tips on how to debloat ( is that a word ) .

  • Drink a cup of hot lemon water every morning when you wake up

  1. It has detoxifying,energizing  and soothing benefits.
  2.  it will help with the bloating
  3. Increase your energy levels
  4. and make your skin clearer
  5. No  negative effects
  6. I would also advice to drink it during or after a meal, the lemon contains Vitamin C and due to the sourness it helps to produce saliva which will aid in the digestion process

   Consume  food In moderation

  •  Eat cultured yogurt daily
  • Avoid coffee
  • Drink plenty of water
  • You can replace milk coffee and soy milk by almond milk
  • Dairy food is to be eaten in moderation
  • High fat foods are difficult to digest so I would recommend you to avoid them
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits daily
  • Avoid carbonated drinks ( sodas , especially when they claim to be diet as they usually contain a huge amount of sugar)
  • Some high fiber can make people produce a lot of gas
  • Try eating less beans
  • Cut foods that give you gas
  • This will hurt but try to avoid alcohol ,it forms gas in your stomach and also makes your face and stomach bloat due to the sugar and toxins in it .

Digestive aids

  • Ginger ,fennel and peppermint tea are great digestive aids with or after a meal
  • Ginger reduces gases and intestinal activity
  • Pineapple , this tropical fruit contain bromelain a digestive  enzyme which helps break down proteins
  • Raw honey  contains a variety of digestive enzymes ,including diastase,amylase,invertase and  protease.

Lifestyle changes

  • Chew your food more ,it’s advised to chew your food 33 times which will reduce your food intake plus makes  you eat slower
  • Reduce your food portions , don’t overeat
  • Make sure you don’t have any  food intolerance be it lactose, fructose , wheat and gluten ( that is a cause of bloating ) , food allergies are a big cause of bloating
  • Avoid smoking
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid stress
  • Take digestive Enzyme supplements,  they help break down certain food components.
  • Take probiotic supplements they improve bacterial environment in the gut which reduce symptoms of gas and bloating


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