what happens to your body when you eat bananas everyday?


Do you remember the last time you ate a banana? no? don’t worry , next time you ask yourself the same question your answer will be TODAY, and no I am not a psychic  I just have a great 6th sense , and my 6th sense tells me that you want to live a healthy life ,too corny right? thanks I am not even trying .  Living and eating healthy is a commitment but lets be real,commitments are scary and like every other thing in life you just have  to take it slow start with a banana a day or even better two bananas a day .  WHY?  here is why …

reasons to start eating bananas

  • Banana is  healthy no doubt, but it is also weight less , you can walk with a banana in your bag in your lunch box , to a meeting , and nothing , is not heavy is healthy
  • there is no need to cook it ,it’s always ready to go , it’s literally healthy fast food
  • it’s rich in potassium ,perfect to help low  blood pressure
  • it’s medicinal and can help cure some health problems, better than certain drugs sold in pharmacies (not discrediting them but natural is always better)
  • helps in digestion
  • rich in fibers, including bananas in your diet helps normalize your guts traffic , which means no more  constipation , no more laxatives and hello freedom …your guts and your  arse will thank you later .
  • rich in vitamin  B,it soothes the nervous system
  • regulates your heart beat.

OK , you must think how can a simple  banana be able to do all this and still be a banana?you probably weren’t but now you are  , well my dear, a banana has a high quantity of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients hence it’s so beneficial to eat it everyday , twice, a tip would be to eat a banana in between your meals it helps maintain the adequate levels of  sugar in your blood which will prevent you from being tired all the time.  OK the real question here is still What happens to your body when you eat a banana or 2  everyday?

  • regulates your menstrual cycle.  If you have an irregular menstrual cycle eat a banana or two, it will definitely make a difference,it helps in the production of hormones and whilst giving your body extra strength
  • It’s a plug less source of energy (for your body not your phone), if you notice a bunch of athletes eat and love  banana because it’s rich in nutrients like potassium which makes it a great source of energy.
  • relieves stress : if you have been anxious ,stressed and with a  foul temper eat a banana or two you can always count with it’s amino acids as well as calcium and magnesium which protects you from depression.
  • This fruit is recommended for those with heart problems or tho want to prevent heart problems as it’s rich in calcium.
  • you can also count on it to assist in hypertension treatment.
  • If you have a low memory eat a banana or two a day .
  • banana contains Iron which increases the level of hemoglobin and it helps in the treatment of anemia
  • It’s pregnancy friendly, a banana is a great for pregnant women it fights diseases and it keeps your blood sugar levels in equilibrium.

A lot of us never have time to eat healthy but lack of time is never an excuse, so I challenge you to eat 2 bananas a day for a whole month, comment in the comment section below if you are in , and see this yellow friendly fruit help you take a step to a healthy lifestyle.



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