5 things Men expect from a woman

hello Love’s today we going to talk about the two-headed monster that is men and what do they expect and want from us. This will ensure you Know exactly how to tame the beast and maybe you are already doing your best it is not time to move on…



Yeeees ladies , they do expect companionship and this is probably bringing a lot of questions to your head and you probably thinking “LIES LIES LIES,  no men  values companionship over beauty and that perfect body ”  Yes I know that , that’s why the title is about MEN not boys and NO! MEN are not all the same .  Beauty is all over the place and it is as diverse as it can be , beauty can be the initial factor of attraction for both men and women, but my lady ,if all you think you need to keep a relationship with a MAN going is your physical appearance ,then I must say you are delusional , I mean once you got to know each other and he is hooked by your appearance what is next ?  what is going to come out of your mouth? after he is hooked ,it’s time to open the quality box ,hope yours is full so the relationship can move forward .  You want to be an interesting person with and without the looks .

  • a man wants to be  able and comfortable enough to communicate and talk openly about anything and everything in a relationship and this my friend is fundamental
  • Companionship is exactly what they say ,in beauty and ugliness, sickness and health, broke or wealthy
  • men expect companionship as much as we do the only difference is when they need help inside the relationship it’s not always that they will tell you that he needs help and that’s your queue .
  • Use your feminine sensitivity to understand these moments . WHEN and HOW are your key words : Understand When he needs help  and How you can  help him.
  • when you offer help, you want to be useful a lot of times they will reject the help, you want to make sure he knows he can come to you with him getting annoyed by you. DO NOT FORCE THINGS OUT OF HIM.



  • Yes I said it FEMININITY ,  to me the word is harder to say than to be.  What is femininity , this is a whole bunch of behaviors and aspects generally associated with women , so what I am going to tell you here is to enhance the qualities you already have and made him fall in love with.
  •   Honey, “He will love me for who I am ” wont work if you having a hairy cookie , your grandma’s panties a ripped  baggy shirt , messy hair everyday . Dear let’s be realistic that man is not your brother , he goes out every day and outside there are a lot of women they smelling nice , dressing well, showering , no undesired hair they are groomed  to not say the least and he comes back to you , you are totally the opposite NO NO NO NO this can’t happen.
    • When he sees all these other women he has to say ,”My  partner  does better ” NOT “I wish my girlfriend would pump herself up more “.
  • When you are dating , or you start liking a guy you showered, you put lipstick, took care of your hair, you put your best clothes… WHAT CHANGED?  The man is with you now but he can always go.

    • Take care of yourself not just for him but for you above all , you want to feel attractive, beautiful and sexy.   You never when you will see or meet someone important, even if you going to the bakery dress as if you are going to meet the love of your life.

  • and please please please don’t think that it is OK to shave wax , wear clean , beautiful underwear  only when you are about to play.    Imagine if you had an accident ?(GOD forbid) and the doctors have to remove  your clothes for whatever reason (The doctor happens to be cute)  and you wearing ripped  stained granny pants and you are unshaven , you just lost a doctor
  • don’t be aggressive , be generous , and soft spoken.
  • This post is getting  longer and longer but if you would like a specific post  on femininity itself which isn’t only eternal appearance ,let me know in the comments below .
  • and Gentleman this also goes for you women also want a groomed men ,  for basics read I wrote a post with tips on grooming check it out 

Recognition/and  Admiration


“find me a girl that looks at me the way this little girl is looking at the little boy” this is your men’s thought after seeing this picture.

  • Men want to be admired as much as you want to be desired. men want to be admired for the things they do , it can be  verbally through message to text, it doesn’t matter but make sure your men knows that you admire and recognize the small things he does to.
  • stop  making your partner feel like part of your furniture and make him feel more like your hero.  show him that he adds value to your life
  • being with a guy without admiring or desiring him his non sense you wasting each others time..
  • you should only be in a relationship if you at least have something to admire on the other person.  OK so take notes do you admire something in your partner? make a list and make sure he knows.
  • if there is nothing you admire in the person you with right now THANK YOU ! NEXT !

Sense of humor

sense of humour.png

  • having a women that laughs at their jokes is undeniable one of the fundamentals when it comes to what do Men want?
  • just imagine a guy throws a joke at you (a guy you like  ) , and  it is not funny, you have two options here laugh or laugh , fake smile I don’t care but laugh at the men’s joke  . That’s it , it would be very awkward for both of you if you didn’t laugh and it turns him off,  like what else can he talk about? If I were a guy I would genuinely think you are not interested, besides laughing reduces stress so laugh not awkwardly but laugh.
  • plus a good sense of humor means a relationship that goes beyond it means there is friendship, you do want to be friends with your partner , I am not saying be everywhere with his buds and stuff,  I mean someone he can say oh lets go to the movies , lets go to the bar, lets go for a barbecue even tho its raining
  • you want him to be able to ask you to do anything he would ask his friends  and you are truly lucky if he does, I don’t get women that say “I am not your friend ,I am your girlfriend” what is a girlfriend either way?so think on it
  • having a hostile intolerant temperamental negative attitude is a way to get yourself single.
  • showing no interest in what the other person is doing, constantly criticizing judging everything the other person says or does just makes it worse ,being together  is just not to die for
  • it’s just tiring period… but if you would me to write a post on this aspect thoroughly  let me know



Let’s have in mind that my thoughts and perspectives on this one is with someone you are in a current long relationship or in a relationship ,I am not here talking about the guy you met today at the guy you met at the club yesterday,  that guy should expect nothing but to take you out for dinner.  Clear great , back on to the subject.

  • You are friends with your partner but you are not just friends you are in a relationship that needs fuel too , and yes I mean sex.  You are not gonna tell me that you are sharing bills, living in the same roof ,you talk , you eat together and you have sex 10 times or less in a year ,honey sorry to tell you this but that’s not your boyfriend or husband that’s your roommate
  • what differs the relationship you have with your mother, your friend, your roommate  is sex , the intimacy you two have
  • I understand sex is not all there should be in a relationship, and that there are people that think it is overvalued well let me tell you something, Sex is important ,it may not have the same importance to everyone but it is dam important .
  • with time people change evolve and their perspective toward sex may change too but that doesn’t mean it’s importance changed
  •  It’s undeniable men expect sex and i honestly expect that you expect sex…
  • and I honestly don’t mean just have  sex to have sex, It’s gotta be good , quality sex
  • and if the sex is not good find out why . communicate people communicate !
  •   there is no reason to feel guilty for wanting or not wanting something the other person desires .
  • sex is  so much more than just sex , it’s intimate mutual understanding, understanding each others desires , wants and needs, what makes the other person and you feelgood and what doesn’t.
  • which brings me to the topic if  the main reason your relationship lacks sex is because you are not enjoying ,communicate.
  • if you have never enjoyed ever , you need to get to get to know  yourself more
  • when it comes to sex innovate , make it different , sex can also be intellectual so explore more !







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