12 cleansing tips you should know for a better outcome

Cleansing, the salvation of all type of skins especially if you have a skin that is prone to break out a lot for all of you out there just know this Your skin is your baby so treating it as one is a must.  I ensure you this cleansing routine is perfect for any and every type of skin.


  • Do not add to much pressure on your skin
  •  When It comes to exfoliation choose products that are made of fine particles and that are not rough on your face
  • When it comes to foam cleansers avoid making the bubbles directly on your face we trying to avoid putting pressure on the skin , rub the cleanser on your hands then apply it to your face and rinse.
  • when rinsing your skin use warm water to rinse the foam off.
  • when foaming use your pinky fingers to spread the foam thoroughly  and massage your face it avoid putting pressure on your face
  • its essential to use warm water or to maintain your skin hydrated and apply a facial toner so your skin can recuperate from the exfoliation,
  • for oily skin this step is also a must but with specific products for your skin type.
  • do not wipe your face with a towel after rinsing it actually makes your face drier ,just tap your face after rinsing it allowing the water to go in, don’t just leave it like that to dry out TAP IN THE WATER.
  • after rinsing the foam  with warm water rinse your face with cold water it helps tighten your pores ..
  • Clean your skin well when  you wake up and at the end of the day, during the night is the moment in which your sebaceous glands work harder and the renovation of you cells is more intense.
  • always protect your skin from UV rays .
  • you can do a through skin routine once a week but cleansing and moisturizing your skin should be a daily task .

follow these tips when doing your skin routine and you will see the dramatic change , hopefully this will be as helpful  to you as it is to me .

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