10 mistakes you do that ruin your hair

When it comes to complaining I have a lot of things to say , especially about my hair it is just too complicated , I honestly can’t understand what it wants, hair is literally the most dramatic part of our body  it is too greasy if it is not too greasy  it is too dry , It is always breaking or over breaking in my case (I had an open spot in my scalp to prove it)  ,when it comes to volume it is never even it is too much or too less but never enough.   the good thing is there is away to tame the beast 12 actually or more if you like and follow the blog :).  below are habits that ruin your hair and how to  get rid of them FOREVER.

hot water

hot water

washing your hair with hot water drys it up, it can cause irritation , stimulates the production of sebum and forces the scalp to produce more oil to balance it off. you must be thinking” it is balanced there is nothing to worry about “, there is a lot to worry about , your hair strands end up losing their natural oiliness and it suppresses the development of your strands. That is why when you exaggerate in the water temperature your hair becomes heavy and lifeless.   If cold water sounds like too much choose warm water but never hot water , at the end if you can quickly rinse your hair with cold water just to close you cuticle and allow your hair to shine

shampoo and conditioner


when it comes to shampoos and conditioners you  should vary ,always use  deep cleansing shampoo every once a week or every 15 days , to remove the dirtiness , the chemicals and oiliness doing this  helps  your scalp to  breathe better.  Applying conditioner on your roots, doing so stimulates the production of oil and it aids in the appearance of dandruff, apply conditioner from the middle to your ends.

flat ironing

flat iron

flat ironing your hair while it is wet is an unforgivable sin , you are literally frying your hair , and I know you have noticed, apart from having fried burnt hair they also break and the only way remedy is to chop it off .  To avoid all this before flat ironing your hair you want to make sure it is not humid it is not wet , IT IS DRY , your hair will thank you later.

tie your wet hair

wet hair

you probably know by now that this is a no no and you could to jail for doing so (somewhere in the hair world ), you probably have heard that to tie your hair while wet is asking for fungus that is one hairy lie , fungus don’t grow in adults hair unless you have some unrelated issue  don’t be relieved it still damage yours hair badly ,it causes your scalp to flake, dandruff and it weakens your hair strands causing the fall and breakage of your hair, not to mention the smell uh.

Blow it right


because you can’t be walking around with a wet hair , you can lets say you don’t want to for the sake of the article, so you don’t want a wet hair hum , so you decide to use a blow drier , great nothing wrong in that actually how are you using it? hope you keeping a 30cm distance from your head mild or cold temperature , I am sure you understood by now that heat is no good for your hair , never put it on maximum to avoid burning and damaging your hair, also avoid direct hot blow to your head it stimulates the production of oil in your roots and your hairstyle will not last .


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