5 grooming habits every man should have

Hey y’all today’s post is about grooming, trust me you can  be wearing  the best outfit in your closet  but if your hair is all over the place, your nails are disgusting , your skin is crusty , your eyes are puffy , then you are doing anything honey to feel  , these small things make a huge difference in the way  you feel, in the  way people see you and as a shallow as it might sound in the way that they treat you , because if  you take care  of these things  you will be looking like a guy who knows how to take care of himself, don’t worry I am here to help you achieve your best self without spending a fortune .

Hair – be Proactive not reactive

cortar cabelo

Get your hair cut as often as necessary , at least every 2nd week if you have short hair and every 4th week for those with longer hair , don’t wait until your hair looks like  super long to visit your barber . Make a routine, every forth or third week is haircut week . Anytime you go to your barber make sure you have booked your next appointment ,it’s easier to remember and you won’t find any excuses to not cut your hair.   Having a hair routine prevents you from ever walking around with  a “I need a barber hair” and you will be ready for any sudden occasion without worrying about your hair.  PS:  if you think you need a haircut  there is a probability everyone else thinks you need a haircut , so if the thought of a new hair cut swings by GO FOR IT.



A lot of men I know have big eyebrows if not every , how I wish I had those, having big eyebrows is not a problem the problem is in how big you let them be,  we don’t want your eyebrows (2) turn into mono-brow get my point?  unfortunately a lot of men think grooming eyebrows is more of a lady thing ,nope you are wrong it is not, I am not here to tell you to arch your brows or shaping them like a woman does no no no.

  • gentleman a mono-brow is not sexy at all, so what you want to do is pluck the hair in the middle ,and any other hair above or below your eyebrows any hair that is outside the main shape got to go  .
  • we want to keep a clean masculine look nothing dramatic  the major rule here is to keep  it natural.
  • you don’t necessary need to take all the hair out if you don’t want to but try removing the ticker ones ,it makes the thin ones less noticeable.
  • at times a little bit of trimming is all your brows need, trimming  keeps your brows looking in place and lighter.
  • another options for your eyebrows (I would advice seeking professional help  )would be waxing , threading ,and sugaring .

Manscape properly

pubic hair

Gentleman you want your pubic area to look as neat and tidy  as you want your partners to be.

  • you can do achieve this by shaving,  be extra careful whilst doing this , try to shave in the direction that your hair grows this way you avoid irritation and ingrown hair.
  • The razor that goes to your sensitive parts should not go to your face , so make sure to have to separate kits for this two different tasks.
  • waxing and threading is another option, which I would advice you to have it done by a professional.
  • use chemical depilatories, are easier to use.


smelling good

Gentleman when it comes to shaving we want to see it not smell it, stop making it so obvious , If I notice that you shaved by smelling you just know that you’ve worn too much ,do not apply aftershave as your cologne that ain’t cute period  .  Get a real scent , you want to get into a room and be noticed for good reasons . I have a friend he is not good looking at all but he smells so good I forgot he is ugly ,which is a plus , he is not getting girls through his looks but through his scent which makes him more attractive, so smell good all the time .


Honey ,it is not OK for you to have long nails or toe nails are not cute , a nicely squared nail is as sexy as it can get, you may not know this but a lot  of woman if not appreciate a man with clean ,neatly trimmed nail,  don’t believe me ?exhibit A: in every novel the man is described as having strong and neat hands ever seen, a charming  character in a novel with long nails nor even in movies unless they are a villain, do you want to be a villain boo? so cut your nails and your toe nails .

OK that is it for the today if you would like to see another 5  grooming tips for men , lets get this post to 10 likes ,do follow my blog  share it  and let’s grow together .

thank you for reading



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