10 ways to avoid gaining weight during Christmas

It’s hard to resist food during the holidays, I mean there is food everywhere during this season ,and I don’t know about you but I can’t resist food and she knows,but along with all this extra food comes extra weight afterwards.

To avoid this situation and enjoy  your holiday season with a free mind here is as my Christmas gift , 10 tips to not gain extra weight during Christmas.


It’s holiday eat anything you want!  yes you read that right , for desert you can eat everything you want but it has got to fit in one single plate , so place your desert and sweets all in one plate ,nothing on top of the other . See it as diversity in a plate,you only allowed to one plate of desert so choose carefully. I know I said you can eat anything you want but I would advice you to go for deserts that are made out of fruits or jelly.


exercise exercise exercise,I know you probably heard this one before but it is indeed helpful, you want to have an intense workout  routine before Christmas and  one after Christmas to compensate  the extra calories .if exercising seems to harsh try walking before during and after the season. START NOW!


avoid food fried food or food containing butter , this is a hard one right? I agree… try eating lean meet like turkey for instance .

don’t skip meals

this is very important,just because you are going to have a feast at the end of the day does not mean you should be skipping meals , staying along time without eating will only increase your hunger making you lose control over your food. you probably thinking I know how to control myself …NO YOU DON’T ! which brings me to the next point

mind your portion

if you avoid the above point there is a probability that you are going to eat fast make it difficult for your brain to understand that you are already full.  Do not exaggerate when it comes to portions unless its veggies, and try to eat slow and chew a lot 33 times ,see it as a game with your inner self …will be fun !  Tip: to avoid overeating eat a fruit before your meal like a banana it reduces your hunger .

do not seat

this one will sound strange , what I meant with the heading I wrote just to catch your attention is  do not over seat , especially at the Christmas table, why? because there are higher probabilities that  you will binge eat even though you feel full and seating helps to accumulate calories which aids in your weight gain. So every one hour seating compensate it with ten minutes standing .

choose wisely

when it comes to snacks  you gotta be wise, if you like snacking try healthier snacks like fruits and veggies or natural yogurts .

what are you going to drink?

It’s no secret that alcohol has a high calorie rate ,so you want to think wisely before overeating Lol ,the more you eat the less you drink you can’t do both.  I would advice you to drink a lot of water and or can also drink sugarless beverages but that doesn’t sound fund specially because it’s  holidays.  Fruit juice  is a tasty option, although it has natural sugar, you want to limit yourself to a cup a day .  If none of these options were in your favor I got one last option for you , GREEN TEA, it keeps you hydrated and hunger free.

be conscious

always read the label , just because the product has diet and light written all over it , it doesn’t always necessarily mean it contains less calories  being conscious about the amount of sugar, sodium and fat in industrialized food will transform your diet .  Use less sugar in your recipes , the flavor is almost the same I promise, just use half of the normal quantity and spare a few calories.

enjoy your food

take this season to slow your rhythm a bit , don’t eat in front of the TV , or during other activities , eat at the table if possible you want your concentration to be 1000% on your plate , you will be more conscious about how much you are eating and when you are full.

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