how to get rid of ingrown hair for good

Being human  is not easy specially when it comes  to  dealing with over the top annoying stuff like ingrown hair, I am sure If You are a Human that shaves waxes or plucks hair you know exactly what I am talking about and for those who don’t know ,I am talking about Ingrown hair , when you wax, shave or pluck your pubic hairs that round  bump or small pus bumps  that appears afterwards  ,for some it comes along with a lot of itching and or pain, Yes it happens.  but why does it happen?


when you remove hair it normally grows backup without a hustle, but some have difficultly getting through the skin surface causing it to grow underneath the skin and the body ends up responding you know how.

prevention is always better than cure so to prevent the in grown hair to begin with :

  • use an antiseptic right after shaving or wax .
  • use single bladed razors as they reduce the possibility of ingrown hair.
  • prime your pubic hair before shaving , we talking about  about washing the area and applying  shaving cream or gel before you glide that razor on your skin.
  • shave in the same direction as the hair growth to prevent the hair from growing at a sharper angle.
  • I would say go for laser hair removal but that is too expensive and if you follow these tips you will be fine, if we can’t prevent we treat .

how to treat an ingrown hair

  • if you get an ingrown hair do not shave that area until the ingrown is gone, normally you wont need to do anything as they end up disappearing on it’s own, but if they don’t :
  • apply a warm compress on the area.
  • avoid tight clothes ,like super tight skinny jeans ,super tight underwear etc, or at least don’t wear them so often specially after shaving.
  • get a washcloth dip it in warm water and rub the area with it .


  • exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate!  exfoliation seems to be the answer for everything these days , ingrown hair can also happen when your follicle is clogged with dead skin cells, in order to get rid of the dead skin gently wash and exfoliate that area.
  •  try exfoliating once a week, you can see a doctor and get a prescription for a drug that helps get rid of the dead skin or if that doesn’t sound like a thing ,try exfoliating  gloves before you shower and after you do whilst applying lotion.

Good exfoliating options

this are some options if you have no clue from whereto begin .

  • gently pull out the hair, use tweezers or needles but only when the hair emerges, don’t try to poke it, there is no gold pot in there .
  • consider hair removal creams over razors
  • another option would be to  apply shaving cream or gel which will add moisture when the razor glides over  it
  • disposable razors are meant to be disposed, for one time don’t keep it in your bathroom keep it in the bin.
  • allow the hair to grow before you decide to shave
  • hydrating your skin is key if you prefer waxing waxing.jpg
  •  use natural moisturizers before and after waxing , it reduces friction which is the cause for ingrown hairs , so moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.
  • after waxing wear clothes that do not stick to your body LOL , you want to allow your skin to breath .
  • leave shaving for last , after you get in the shower the last thing you want to do (literally) is shaving, so wash your hair body etc and then shave , you want your body to absorb the moisture.
  • the most important tip is to not burst an ingrown ,it will stain , it will get you an infection and a dark spot in your cookie and or  skin  so DON’T DO IT.











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