secret tips to slow the ageing process without spending


we have all thought about getting old not that getting old is bad ,it’s part of the natural process of getting wise , sadly it is a thing that can not be changed, the lines on the face ,  thin and dry skin, all played by genes which means you are going to age at some point.  BUT what if I told You that right now instead of letting nature do it’s job we actually rushing her, what do I mean “we are ageing prematurely, by influencing our skin to age prematurely through our environment and life choices.

factors and solutions for premature ageing

  • SUN – the sun?  – how am I supposed to tell the sun not to come out? I get your point here how something so natural can be cause something so unnatural unnatural? it is certain that with when moderate the exposure to solar rays stimulates the production of Vitamin D  well the sun plays a major role in this, the direct exposure to UV rays becomes a direct cause of aging, and if exposed to it for a long period of time the production of collagen in dermis decreases making your skin thinner which will result in changes in the elastic fibers in our skin.


  • sun protection is a must,
  • avoid direct exposure between 12 – 4 PM
  • use the right creams – regardless of the brand it is important  to make sure it protects your skin  from UV rays .
  • if you have oily or mixed  skin or oily skin try using sprays or gel protectors .
  • whatever your skin type is make sure you apply sunscreen everyday
  • you can try to cover up with clothing

the second factor that acts as a booster for unnatural ageing is :

  • Free radicals  – free radicals = oxidative stress= imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants , it’s a lot of boring chemistry understanding  going on in here but just know that free radicals have a saying in your ageing process, they are produced rapidly in the body but there is a lot of things that we do that actually accelerate that process like: smoking, fried foods,and exposition to toxic chemicals.
  • Smoking – causes wrinkles and a dull  sallow complexion and the repeatedly motion of blowing smoke cause a low level of oxygen around the mouth which can lead to the formation of wrinkles.
  • Tan – every time you get  a tan whether it is a sun tan,tanning bed or other tanning equipment you getting a day older,  they all emit harmful UV rays which accelerate the process of ageing.
  • Lack of sleep – apart from having a major in your physical deterioration the lack of sleep has a major role havoc the wreck  of your skin -Wreck it Ralph….
  • moisturize – moisturize moisturize moisturize, moisturizer traps water in the skin giving it a more youthful.
  • caffeine
  • overeating – eat small portions every 3h.
  • drink less alcohol -it dehydrates you
  • drink a lot of water , 2 liters of water a day

food – eat food that act as an  antioxidant like beans,  eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and have them daily as snacks and add them to your daily meals  food containing sugar and carbohydrates are proven to accelerate your ageing process.

exercise more – exercising helps improve the blood circulation on the skin, improves your metabolism, it boosts your immune system, prevents stress and helps you get better sleep, a good exercise I would  recommend is Pilates .

so this is it for today ,if there is a topic you would like me to talk more in depth about do let met in the comments below,  and what type of anti-ageing hacks do you do?

TIP: if using any anti- aging product avoid anything that burns in your skin unless prescribed by a dermatologist.

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