how to make a homemade and cheap moisturizer for dry skin

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If you have dry skin, you know the struggle,  I went from oily or what I thought was oily to dry very fast  don’t even know if that’s a thing  but hey it happened to me.  If you feel like your skin is cracking up, shine less, and have a tendency to peel off every time you don’t apply lotion and in the worse case scenario even when you  do apply lotion?Your girl got you covered !

petroleum jelly

vaselina.jpgthis is not homemade , is not super expensive  and is my go to every time,  but I feel like I have to talk about it .I have been using petroleum jelly every other time and it works every time.  It is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes this helps seal your skin with water-protective barrier.  If the lack of fragrance  is what scares you off they have different fragrances for different taste ( not sponsored)  I  personally the normal (for my dry lips) ,the aloe Vera or the cocoa butter ,there are many others but these are my favorites.  Petroleum jelly can be used  as a face and body lotion,it moisturizes your skin preventing it from drying out,  trust me this is the most useful product you can have with you, it goes from skin protection to removing eye makeup to preventing split ends . My go to brand when it comes to petroleum jelly is Vaseline what is yours? This small jar will make a big difference in your life, if you would like me to make an article on the other benefits of Petroleum jelly comment bellow.

homemade moisturizer

hidratante caseiro.jpg this moisturizer is made out of coconut, oats and milk  and it will transform your skin, it will  go from rough and dry to smooth and beautiful.  Coconut promotes the hydration of the skin when associated  with oats its possible to nourish the skin because oats have properties which helps in the renovation of the skin cells , contributing to a nourished smooth and beautiful skin.


  • 1 tea cup of grated coconut
  • 1 tea spoon of oats
  • 1 cup  of warm milk

place all the ingredients in a blender,  blend everything until it turns into a  uniform cream.  Apply the mix on your skin and let it on  for 15 minutes, once the time is up rinse the mix from your face with room temperature water.

tip: drink at least 2 liters of water per day ,it will  help hydrate your skin.

do you have any homemade recipes for dry skin? if you do share with us on the comments  and if you would like your recipe to be part of our website just contact me .

happy moisturizing


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