the cheapest ,juiciest turkey recipe


It’s holidays season yay, but it is also cooking season,and spending money you could be saving up to spend in something useless later season too, and let me impress everyone with my cooking skills season, it is a season that brings joy but before it also brings struggle.  struggle making ends meet financially, time wise or even skill wise …I am done mumbling just making sure you know whatever situation it is that you are into  Your Girl got you covered…

The juiciest turkey in the World

enough of dry turkey ,no flavor here is a recipe that will leave whomever it is that tastes it finger licking lol. okay lets get  to it .  first we will need to prepare the seasoned butter and for that we will use:

seasoned butter ingredients

  • unsalted butter
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • black pepper  and salt
  • smashed garlic
  • chopped parsley

we mix all the ingredient in that order in a bowl ,the portion of each really depends on the size of your turkey , it is actually optional, but have in mind that more is good.  so mix everything and save it apart.

on the side you will need  to chop

  • a green apple in cubes
  • bacon in cubes

here comes the fun part  THE TURKEY…if you are cooking a whole turkey for the first time this is for you , but if not skip this step ,or read it just to make sure.

  1. Once you have your thawed your turkey, the first step will be to check inside the turkey  from the back between the legs, there is always giblets in there ,take it all out .
  2. now turn the turkey around, lift up the neck skin and take out anything and everything that is inside there,no great stories come from forgetting to clean this area.
  3. drain the liquid inside the turkey and dry it off inside out ,you can use napkins .
  4. now tuck the turkey wings underneath the birds back  (it prevents it from burning)
  5. now in this next process you should be extra gentle and extra careful not to break the skin ,loosen the turkey skin with your fingers, start with the opening to the cavity now gently work you hand under the turkey’s skin, separating the skin from the breast your aim is to get your hand as far up towards the neck  as you can.
  6. now grab a handful of the reserved seasoned butter and spread it under the spread it under the turkey skin on the breast meat.

 For the stuffing

  • in a bowl mix the cubed apple,  brown sugar and the cube chopped bacon
  • stuff the turkey with the mix( Don’t pack it too tightly because it needs room to expand during roasting)
  • tie the legs together, cut a 12-inch piece of kitchen twine and fold it in half . Run the double strand of string underneath the legs at the ankles and bring it up over the legs, inserting the loose ends of the string into the loop tie it tight enough to make a bow.
  • spread the rest of the seasoned butter on the turkey (the outer layer).
  • finalize it with fresh herbs

on a preheated oven 180°C/ 350 F

4 kg= 2:45 min

5 kg=3:20 min

6 kg= 4 hours

happy cooking

Let me know how the recipe turned out for you and if you have any recipe you would like to be on the site comment below.





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      1. when I am in situations like this and it s a friends gathering or something , I end up making a barbecue type of thing , you don’t really need to think get the meat , make a potato salad, and other accompaniments , and rolls and turn your food table into a subway restaurant you make your own sandwich burger or hot dog type of thing

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